We help survivors becomes thrivers.

Education Assistance

Education is a large part of our organization. The majority of our recipients have never been given a proper education throughout their childhood and even adulthood in many cases. Our education program works to help each individual discover where they are at versus where they want to be then helps them achieve that goal.

Whether it requires general test prep like a GED course or individual tutoring classes to make up missed subjects, we help our recipients find the right balance of learning and living and set reasonable expectations while giving them the encouragement they need to achieve their goals. We also provide scholarships to help with education cost between GED and College Level.

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Mentoring Services

Our mentoring program is built upon a long term relationship goal of providing ongoing one on one support to our recipients now and throughout the course of their lifetime, should they need us. We understand that effective mentoring is done through trusting relationships and dependable long term support systems. Our mentoring program covers topics such as critical thinking, basic life skills, health and hygiene, boundaries, personal finances, social communication, goal setting skills, and much more. Our long term expectation for each of our recipients it to see them achieve the skills and ability to maintain a free, independent, well balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Transition Services

Transitioning into mainstream society can be a difficult adjustment for most however we offer services to help them learn the basic skills needed to enter society. Our transition program provides emergency support, financial assistance and temporary placement services for young adults and families as they escape. We provide assistance to young adults, age 18 and up and to parents with children. We have an in depth intake program to make sure that our prospects understand that while our services are free, we are not here to simply give them funds. Our goal is to provide them with tools and skills they need in order to achieve long term success and stability. Recipients of our transition program most often continue on to participate in our education and mentoring programs depending on their individual needs and goals.

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